May 30, 2023

The EYP’s Pool of Trainers

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) has recently launched its highly anticipated EYP Pool of Trainers (PoT), an initiative aimed at enhancing capacity-building efforts within the organisation.

Comprised of 14 trainers, educators, and facilitators, the PoT serves as a dedicated platform for continuous competence development and knowledge exchange. Not only does it provide trainers with a special status, but it also acts as a valuable database for National Committees (NCs) to find motivated individuals capable of leading national and international events.

The EYP PoT is guided by three main goals:

  • To empower – it aims to empower young people by strengthening their capacities in civic education, enabling them to continue their important work
  • To support – the PoT supports implementing EYP’s capacity development programs, ensuring that participants receive the guidance they need to thrive.
  • To educate on democratic competencies – it focuses on education for democratic competencies, equipping young trainers with essential skills in training, facilitation, and democratic processes.

The EYP PoT empowers trainers to hone their abilities and build strong networks by offering an inclusive and creative learning space.

The members of the EYP’s Pool of Trainers are Leonor Amaral (NL), Elona Berisha (XK), Aliosha Bielenberg (CY), Jasmina Bundule (LV), Catarina Bustorff (BE), Bilge Çilingir (TR), Alonso Císcar (ES), Marine David (FR), Phillip Girvan (DE), Ismail Malikov (AZ), Milica Marković (RS), Ruxandra Mazilu (RO), Dorian Morgenroth (FR), and Âli Okumuşoğlu (TR).

The EYP consistently emphasises the importance of skills development, and the EYP PoT is a testament to this commitment. The organisation offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to grow and learn, whether through training programs or by taking on various roles within the EYP. From facilitation and leadership to media and communications, fundraising, and project management, participants have the chance to acquire valuable skills that extend beyond our network. Ultimately, the EYP prepares young European citizens to actively contribute to society and make a positive impact using the skills they have gained. You can read more about the EYP’s capacity building at the link below.