August 11, 2015

National Committee Support Fund: Call for Projects

Thanks to recent fundraising successes, the International Office of the EYP is able to launch a small NC Support Fund for this year. We are very happy to open a call for proposals from all EYP National Committees.

There are two priority areas for the fund, based on two of the three pillars of our current strategy:
A) support for outreach and inclusion activities;
B) support for administrative costs in (newer) National Committees and capacity building.

A) Outreach and Inclusion Activities

All National Committees, Candidate National Committees and EYP Initiatives are eligible to apply for funding. We have decided to especially focus on outreach and inclusion, as it is one of three main directions of our current strategy, it is likely be a priority in our new strategy and it remains a sphere where EYP can still make a lot of progress. There is 6.000 EUR available for this priority area, to build an EYP for everyone.

Outreach and inclusion are defined as follows:
* Outreach is to be understood as providing tailored activities to young people who would otherwise not have access to EYP or would not naturally be active in EYP, specifically the groups listed below.
* Inclusion is to be understood as an organisational practice and goal, creating equal opportunities for all members within our network, ensuring that all young participants are equally welcome and able to participate in current EYP activites.

The selection criteria for outreach and inclusion projects are the following:
1. Projects should target at least one of the following target groups:
* Young people from a low socio-economic background;
* Students from vocational schools;
* Minority groups;
* Youngsters with immigrant backgrounds;
* Youngsters living in geographically remote areas.
2. Preference will be given to events in schools where EYP events are not already frequently organized or do not take part in EYP activities already, though these are still eligible.
3. Costs must be made no later than 31st of December 2015.
4. National Committees can apply for a sum of up to 1500 EUR. (For exchange rates please use this website:

B) Capacity Building and administrative costs for (newer) national commitees

We also want to support National Committees with some administrative help. Fundraising for administrative costs is always challenging, and strengthening the EYP network is one of the three main directions of our current strategy. 2.000 EUR are allocated for administrative support for the National Committees, to help you build a better and more stable National Committee.

The selection criteria for administrative support and capacity-building projects are the following:
1. Funding should be targeted at administrative costs of running a National Committee, including but not limited to:
* Bank fees and setting up bank accounts;
* Legal documents or registration fees;
* Additional funding for BNC Meeting travel costs;
* Funding for small capacity-building events or participation in them.
2. This part of the fund is particularly targeting new(er) National Committees, but all National Committees are eligible to apply.
3. Costs should be made no later than 31st of December 2015.
4. National Committees can apply for a sum of up to 500eur.

We ask all interested National Committees to send in a short project description of max. one A4 page to by Wednesday 2nd of September 2015, including:

How to apply?

For both priority areas:
1. A short description of the project/costs you want to cover. 5. Number of participants/schools/ instiutions involved.
2. A short motivation, reflecting the selection criteria.
3. Timeline of activities and/or costs.
4. Budget.

Additionally when applying for funding for outreach and inclusion
5. Number of participants/schools/
6. Specification of the exact group the project aims to reach.
Please note that that we will focus on the content of the proposals, rather than the layout. It is possible to apply for funding for both priority areas, but then two separate project descriptions are requested.
The projects to be supported will be selected by the EYP International Office according to the priorities set by the Governing Body.

Please contact the International Office.