February 28, 2023

National Committee Spotlight – EYP Denmark

After the winter break, we are back with a whole new season of our National Committee Spotlight series!

To start off, the focus is on European Youth Parliament Denmark. We asked volunteers Anders, Jenny, and Johnny to let us know about their experiences with EYP Denmark, and everything that makes their National Committee (NC), events, and members unique!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Do you remember how you got involved in EYP? If you have a specific role in the National Committee, what is it and what do you like most about it?

  • Anders: I’m 22 years old and I’m currently living in Aarhus, Denmark, where I’m studying biology. I was first introduced to EYP through my high school, as the HO’s wanted some of the students from the school to be organisers, and I just randomly choose to put my hand up in the air, knowing nothing about this organisation, not knowing that 5 years on-wards I would still be a part of it.
    I used to be the treasurer of EYP Denmark, but was recently elected as NSP. It was a big honour to be elected for this role, as I’ve seen how much the safe person’s presence affects the participants and the well-being of each and every session. Being able to be that safety net for everyone involved in future sessions in EYP Denmark.

  • Jenny: My name is Jenny, I am 20 years old and currently I live in Odense but will be moving to Aarhus this summer to study law. I was introduced to EYP through Johnny and I’s high school where we attended an in-school session. After that, I continued my EYP journey. A long covid break and some sessions abroad later I am now the president of this amazing organisation.
    Having continued my EYP journey again in the summer of 2022, I am beyond thankful for the amazing opportunities and friendships I have had. With my position, I wanted to give back to this organisation and NC which have given me so much.

  • Johnny: My name is Johnny, I am 20 years old and from Odense, Denmark. I was introduced to EYP through my high school through an in-school session. Knowing nothing about the organisation and the structure of how sessions worked, I gave it a try and do not regret continuing in this organisation.
    I was recently elected as Vice-President of EYP Denmark. It is a great honour for me to be in this position, keeping the organisation running in Denmark. I am excited about the new experiences, challenges and collaboration with my fellow board members, and cannot wait to get started with board work!

What impact do you think EYP initiatives hold on young people and on your community?

  • Anders: I think EYP is the perfect organisation to introduce people to the active problems of the EU and what is going on in both their own country, but also internationally. EYP is a safe space for everyone to discuss issues that have an effect on ourselves, but also on the future well-being of our planet. This sense of understanding these topics and being able to discuss them with other young people gives a sense of security that more people want to make a change for the better, and gives that want to do more.

  • Jenny: As I see it, EYP is a place where young people learn how to become an active part of not only the debate surrounding the European Parliament but also become active citizens in society. Having a forum for the youth created by the youth, to safely discuss issues regarding our future, as well as current issues is something I see as one of the greatest impacts an organisation can have. Furthermore, discussing these matters with other citizens across borders and having the opportunity to create a network is also something that I myself appreciate and think is something that makes EYP stand out.

  • Johnny: In my eyes, EYP is an educational organisation that enables young people to become an active part of the debate surrounding EU matters. EYP brings awareness and sensibility to topics and issues that would otherwise be complex and unclear. More than that, EYP is a community where young people can connect across borders and widen their horizons on culture, politics, and language from other countries.

What challenges and/or potentials do you foresee for EYP DK in the future?

  • Anders: One of the challenges that EYP Denmark has always struggled with is the HR crisis. This fact has made it hard for us to create sessions within our organisation and has sometimes seemed hopeless to keep the fighting spirit. But every time we say this, we always think back on what EYP has done for us, and all the experiences that we have been able to have. I have great trust that the new board of EYP Denmark will be able to work towards this, as it’s a whole new board, with a new and fresh fighting spirit with them as well. I think EYP will slowly start to grow, maybe not exponentially in the first years, but if we start small, I could see EYP in Denmark becoming an amazing big place!

  • Jenny: Covid has hit hard on the whole network. Thus, EYP Denmark has also lost quite a number of active members. We have always struggled with this but not as much as now. After I started EYP again after Covid, I got curious about the board and how to join. Unfortunately, we got the news that we might have to liquidate EYP Denmark. As a member, I did not want this to happen, so I knew that we had to step up, so we could give back to this organisation. Our goal this year is to get more active members, get partner schools, and of course, be able to organise sessions again. It is a big priority for us personally because we want to share this wonderful organisation and let them experience it the same way we have. With this board and our strategy, I am sure we will be able to achieve our goals!

  • Johnny: EYP Denmark has had a small number of members throughout the years. Gaining new active members so that we can host and organise sessions is a big priority for us. As a new board member, one of my goals and hopes is that we can reach out to the youth of our country and let them experience EYP in the way we have. We are starting small but will surely be able to achieve big things with hard work and great spirits.

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