June 29, 2024

National Committee Spotlight – EYP Czech Republic

We are happy to bring you a new spotlight on a National Committee (NC), this time focusing on EYP Czech Republic.

EYP Czech Republic resides within the very heart of Europe. And just as the organisation is nestled within Europe’s core, EYP Czech Republic is also in the hearts of many Czech young people pushing the organisation forward. In their work, they focus on organizing sessions and small-scale events with big impact, such as round-table weekends, educational workshops, visits to institutions, and cultural activities.
Building alliances and cooperating with various other stakeholders in their local surroundings that share EYP CZ’s values and commitment to diversity and inclusion is part of their mission of bringing EYP work to a broader audience.

In their own words, they aim to “create a multi-generational dialogue, through which we can present our point of view—the point of view of young active citizens, who care about their future.”

EYP CZ provides young Czech people with the opportunity to discuss topical issues which oftentimes get neglected or overlooked in formal education – teaching young people how to be mindful of their individual behaviour, supporting their active citizenship and encouraging their involvement in the ever-developing democratic world.

Diana Šabatová is the Board Member Responsible for Public Relations of EYP Czech Republic. We asked her about what the NC board work means to her:
“Becoming a Board Member for me resembled the arrival of a Child of Surprise to Geralt of Rivia. My studies had consumed my life, leaving no room for the anticipation of joining the Board, despite it once being a dream of mine. Yet, once you’re caught in the world of EYP, its grip never truly releases. So, here I am, responsible for Public Relations. The main advantage of this work is having a consistent team that I collaborate with year-round. This allows us to create a conducive working atmosphere and ensure that each member can grow and focus on their personal development in depth. I believe this is the main difference between the work during sessions and the year-long commitment on the Board. It’s been a rewarding adventure, being at the heart of the action, and witnessing all the plans come alive is a fantastic experience.” 
Today, EYP Czech Republic is working to develop and strengthen the organisation further after a few hard years during the pandemic. The NC has been creating a strategy for the forthcoming generations of Czech EYPers, with the aim to form a comprehensive document establishing the goals and priorities of the organisation over the next five years. The preceding and present Board of EYP CZ have been dedicated to formulating this strategy, and now, the document is finally in the last stages. Recently, all EYP CZ members were invited to give their input to the draft document, and the board is now working on implementing the input and creating a sustainable and impactful strategy for the NC.

“Some of the strategic steps we plan to involve are expanding to all regions of the Czech Republic, particularly the disadvantaged ones, putting a stronger emphasis on member retention and the internal development of EYP CZ, focusing on developing long-term sustainable partnerships as well as progressively developing towards a higher number of Regional Selection Conferences.” 

Another focus has been to develop the quality of sessions and events organised by EYP CZ. Thanks to the work of dedicated EYP CZ members, especially the Head Organisers and the Vice President for Projects, EYP CZ has been able to develop their core events notably since the end of the pandemic. “Our ambition is to not only achieve this in future conferences, but to also keep this standard of quality and continue perfecting it in the coming years.”

In their commitment to reaching a diverse set of Czech youth, EYP CZ is actively nurturing their long-term partnerships with various institutions and corporations across the country. They have been organising a number of small scale events to strengthen relationships, engaging in discussions and sharing our EYP values.

“What also has to be said is that our NC has emerged from the challenges posed by the pandemic stronger than ever, thanks to the dedication of our members. The ever growing interest in our conferences serves as a testament to our collective efforts to bounce back from the pandemic, which has slowed our development to stagnation.” 

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