March 14, 2018

Join the happy hour in your city!

On our Facebook page, every Thursday we highlight memorable events and EYP moments. We refer to them as #Throwback Thursdays. In these posts, one can look back, and reminisce about their experiences, feelings, learnings, and most important of all..companionship! It’s a place where all members, throughout the 30 years of EYP, can see what was going on, what changed, and remember how they lived some of those moments.

And what about you?

Do you remember the days you spent being part of EYP? The achievements you embraced and challenges you overcame? Would you like to share them with your fellow EYP’ers?

Throughout the years, many of our participants parted ways, taking different routes and journeys after their time with EYP. Nonetheless, many of them will be able to relive these days, by taking part of the Happy Hours. This newly established initiative will reunite and reconnect you with old friends and familiar faces. The distance that separates you, this year, will be reduced to an evening at your local venue, where you will deepen into well-known stories, and share moments of laughter and joy with fellow ex-members.

So far, 5 cities are fostering this exciting occasion, but there are still more to come! Below you will find more details on these upcoming events:

  • 28th March, 18:00 – Washington D.C. (tbd)
  • 17th April, 19:00 – Brussels, at the European Policy Centre
  • 26th April, 19:00 – Prague (tbd)
  • 27th April, 19:00 – Paris, at Workshop Bar
  • 17th May, 19:00 – Kyiv (tbd)

And the highlight of the year will be a big EYP Alumni reunion in Berlin, June 15-16.

If you are interested in bringing EYP Happy Hour to your city, please get in touch with us at

Because, as the saying goes: ‘With clothes, the new are the best, with friends the old are the best.’