March 6, 2018

Hamburg to host the 91st International Session of the EYP!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the 91st International Session will take place in Hamburg, Germany! The event will kick-off in September 2019, hosted by European Youth Parliament Germany.

EYP Germany has already hosted 9 International Sessions in the past, in 7 different cities, but it will be the first one in Hamburg!

Being the second largest city in Germany, the biggest non-capital city in the EU and holding the status of a congress city, Hamburg offers a great selection of possible venues for the various parts of our International Session programme. One of the things that make Hamburg a perfect fit for the 91st International Session is its nickname “gateway to the world”. The port of Hamburg is the biggest port in Germany and the third-largest in Europe, making this city a prime spot for discussions on trade and (cultural) diversity.

“Facing Division, Finding Unity” is the suggested theme of the session, which will reflect on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, thus marking an important milestone in Germany as well as European unity.

When asked, why they would be the best candidates for hosting the 91st International Session, EYP Germany responded:

“We believe that the time to organise an International Session is right for EYP Germany. We are in a place where our main projects are in a stable condition and thus, we would like to offer our members and partners a new challenge to participate in.”

Pascale Chehadeh (21) and Kira Lange (22) will be in charge of the project from now onwards. Both of them participated in their first EYP event in March 2013 and have played an active part in the organisation since May 2014. They have both been organisers at different levels at various events.

We wish them all the best with this project, too!