June 12, 2024

EYP Partners with Insurance Europe

Discover how EYP is partnering with Insurance Europe to engage young people in important discussions about insurance and pensions.

Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, is committed to raising awareness about insurance among the general public. Additionally, it addresses various issues within the insurance sector through its internal platforms. Our collaboration aims to foster an open discussion on insurance topics, including pensions, by facilitating young people’s engagement through debates, surveys, and policy presentations.

In concrete terms, we are collaborating on two committee topics at International Sessions in Thessaloniki (Summer 2024) and The Hague (Spring 2025). These events will serve as platforms to help raise awareness and provide Insurance Europe with valuable insights into the views of young people on insurance-related matters.

On May 30th, EYP’s Executive Director, Anya Suprunenko, attended the 14th International Conference, officially launching this partnership. During her speech, she highlighted the needs and common obstacles young people face in relation to insurance.

For more information about this partnership, please contact Saskia at s.van-berloo@eyp.org. Stay tuned for more updates on insurance in the coming months!

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