March 22, 2023

EYP projects win the national Charlemagne Youth Prize 2023

Several projects from the European Youth Parliament National Committees have won their national nominations for the Charlemagne Youth Prize, also in 2023.

The Charlemagne Youth Prize is a prestigious award that recognises the best youth projects across Europe. This year’s national nominations for the prize were also won by five EYP projects from Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, and Slovenia. The projects aimed to raise awareness and promote intercultural dialogue among young Europeans. This marks another year of the Charlemagne Youth Prize recognising the activities of our network across Europe and we want to congratulate all of the volunteers and supporters that made it happen.

We look forward to the award ceremony in Aachen in May, where the overall winner of the Charlemagne Youth Prize will be announced. You can read more about the Charlemagne Youth Prize, the Award Ceremony, and the specific projects at the link below.

  • Lapland 2020 was the 1st International Forum of the European Youth Parliament Finland, which took place from 2-9 April 2022 in Rovaniemi, Finland. Over 160 young discussed topics related to sustainability and cross-border cooperation under the central theme of “Defrosting the borders: Cooperation for a more sustainable Arctic”.

  • The EYP Summer Academy 2022 was an event organised by the International Office of EYP in collaboration with EYP Ireland, which provided high-level training to young people from 40 countries. The Summer Academy aimed to contribute to personal development, foster international networking and connections, and provide basic and deepened knowledge on the foundations and development of EYP.

  • The 96th International Session of the European Youth Parliament – Riga 2022 aimed to bring young Europeans together to discuss and propose resolutions for political, economic, and social issues. The conference brought together 200 young people from 40 different European countries, facilitating intercultural exchange and building trust. The event provided participants with the opportunity to gain media literacy skills, develop tolerance, and meet local and international decision-makers.

  • The 9th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg was a five-day event that brought together about 100 young people from all over Europe to discuss current political issues related to solidarity, inclusion and mental health. Participants were also able to engage in different settings with a range of Luxembourgish NGOs that are active in the fields of solidarity and inclusion, as well as participate in workshops and discussions on mental health.

  • The 8th National Selection Conference of EYP Slovenia brought together 100 young individuals from over 10 countries for a 5-day conference in Ljubljana. Divided into ten international working groups, participants presented their proposed solutions to issues such as social inclusion, human rights, and genetic engineering. The conference also included a cultural program and provided opportunities for participants to develop skills in active citizenship, intercultural communication, and problem-solving.

We also want to congratulate the Estonian winner De Structura, organised by our EYP Alumna Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova. Her idea to bring civic engagement to the arts through the concept derived from EYP, combatting low employment rates among artists, and focusing art on the building of communities was also seen as exceptional by the national jury of her country.