July 25, 2023

The People Behind Baku 2023 – the 99th International Session of the EYP

The 99th International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) is soon going to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan from the 5th to the 13th of August.

The session will bring together around 250 participants, including 70 young volunteers who will take care of the organization, academics, and media coverage. Realdo Silaj from Albania will serve as the President of the session, while Aylin Alakbarlik from Azerbaijan will lead the Media team as the Editor, and Guldana Dadashova and Rufat Mir Feyzullazada will fulfil their role as Head Organisers.

Words from the Leadership

  • “You’ll learn as long as you live” an expression goes, and that’s exactly what we continue doing since the creation of the EYP. With Education at the centre of the Baku 2023 vision, we will learn, explore and further the mission of our network as an educational organisation. Baku has for centuries been a crossroad of vibrant communities and cultures that has inspired a unique tradition of education, knowledge and poetry. This is the right place to discuss topics on education and its values, allowing participants to not only reflect on this fundamental element of our lives, but also get inspired to face challenges to our future. of their topics.

    • Realdo Silaj (AL)
  • After months of dedicated effort and unwavering enthusiasm, we stand at the threshold of the 99th International Session of EYP in the captivating city of Baku, Azerbaijan. As the editor, I couldn’t be more thrilled to witness the culmination of our collective hard work. In the spirit of unity, let us build bridges of understanding and collaboration, transcending borders and boundaries.

    With an exceptional Media Team at my side, we are committed to capturing the essence of Baku 2023 and sharing it with the entire EYP network and beyond.

    • Aylin Alakbarli (AZ)
  • We firmly believe that education is the key to empowering individuals and creating a more inclusive society. Throughout the session, we aim to explore ways to ensure equitable access to quality education for all, regardless of socioeconomic background, gender, or geographical location.

    • Guldana Dadashova (AZ) and Rufat Mir Feyzullazada (AZ)
      Head Organisers

Education impacts and touches upon every single individual’s life regardless of where they come from. The 99th International Session hosted in the capital city of Azerbaijan, wants to be the hub for people to come together, celebrating and challenging the role all forms of education play in each of our lives, shattering its boundaries and fostering change.

Baku 2023 wants to reflect the dynamic spirit that the young people of this city have, which has been encompassed by the winds of innovation and creativity. With its overarching theme being education, our academic vision will cultivate further enlightenment through the four pillars of sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity, and unity.

We want to thank all the partners and sponsors who are making this upcoming event possible, including the Visegrad Fund, Azərbaycan Respublikasının Mədəniyyət Nazirliyi, NATO, and others.

For more information check the social media channels of the session, EYP Azerbaijan, and EYP Network.