September 21, 2017

Active citizenship, as discussed by EYP participants

Why did the turnout of young voters rise during the last UK elections? Does it mark the beginning of a shift towards young people becoming more interested in voting? See how the participants of the Brno International Session this summer have answered these questions!

This July, the city of Brno hosted an International Session of the European Youth Parliament. Among the 300 participants that the session gathered, there were 19 young people tirelessly working on media output of the event. Podcasts were one of the media products that the team shared. In this episode, Jago Lynch (UK) and Sam Stronge (UK) talk with the participants of the session about the topic of active citizenship. Tune in here:

EYP events regularly feature media teams in which young people learn communication principles and get hands-on experience in media production in an international team. To learn more about the different roles participants take at sessions of our network, read more here.