February 4, 2024

Active and Inclusive Citizenship Lab 2024 Launches in Budapest

In a bid to foster the next generation of active citizens, the Active and Inclusive Citizenship Lab 2024 is starting its six-day journey today in Budapest. 30 participants from all over Europe will come together in the prestigious European Youth Centre from 5th – 11th February with a focus on a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries. The event is organised in collaboration with Understanding Europe.

Focus Areas:

  • Educating for Empowerment: Uncover existing opportunities for EYP network members to become active citizens, amplifying their impact on both local and regional levels.
  • Amplifying Local and Regional Impact: Spark a collective reevaluation of EYP’s potential to create meaningful change in communities, encouraging the development of innovative ideas for enhanced impact.
  • Inclusivity as a Priority: Engage in discussions and strategic planning to ensure the inclusion of young people residing in rural areas, belonging to minority communities, or facing marginalization.
  • Addressing the Climate Crisis: Tackle the critical issue of climate crisis and environmental degradation, exploring their profound impact on young people and democracy.

An external trainer appointed by the Council of Europe will bring their professional expertise to enhance this collective exploration.

This event promises a week filled with shared insights, collaborative breakthroughs, and a renewed commitment to fostering active and inclusive citizenship. As we look forward to this exciting journey, let’s gear up for a transformative experience that aims to shape the future of the EYP network.

Stay tuned for updates on the Active and Inclusive Citizenship Lab 2024!