October 5, 2017

A guide for EYP newbies

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an educational network that brings together young people aged 14 to 28 across Europe. But when you are newbie in the EYP there are some terms commonly used by the other members that you may not fully understand.

Here is a map in order not to be lost between the Calls and the Sessions.

National Committees (NC)

The National Committees represent the network on a national level. They are the first touch point for anyone interested in participating or volunteering in EYP. Most of the European countries have a national committee which you can reach easily either through their fb account, email address or member platform. If for example you live in Germany at the moment and you would like to participate in the event of the EYP, you can reach the EYP Germany asking for ways to join them.

Boards of the National Committees

The board refers to the members having a specific position in a national committee. Almost every national committee has its President, Vice-President, International Relations Coordinator etc. Those members are elected by the other members of the EYP and are responsible for the smooth implementation of the events or the actions of the EYP on a national level. They are also the main channel of communication with the International Office.


When we are talking about sessions, we need to describe them hierarchically. Starting from Regional Sessions (RS), those are organised on a regional level; National Sessions (NS), the sessions that are open on a national level; and last but not least the International Forums (IFs) and International Sessions (IS) bring together participants from all across Europe. How can you participate in a session? The organisers will post a call for the session on the Facebook page or mailing list, few clicks away and your application is submitted.  

 International Office (IO)

The international office of the EYP is based in Berlin and in plain English is supporting the smooth function of the EYP network. It organizes meetings between the National Committees (NCs). It will also help you during your amazing journey at an International Session and guide you in joining the International online community on member platform.

To be continued…