August 5, 2019

84th International Session in Trondheim&Røros, Norway

Session website | Facebook page | Resolution Booklet

Trondheim&Røros 2017 invites 300 young Europeans to experience the past through the historic Røros and Trondheim to shape the future together. The international event gathering young people between 16-26 from 38 countries will focus on the quintessential experience of EYP and discuss new topics such as artificial intelligence, the development of sustainable technological devices and possible solutions of problems created by fossil fuels. Like the previous International Session they will be allowing the delegates to visit other committees to take influence, criticise and improve the other committees’ resolutions as well.

TRØ17 aims to be for everyone, therefore they included organisations like Transgender Europe into their preparation of their volunteer facilitators and general leadership. Therefore they try to sensitise and spread knowledge on how to involve all kinds of people and ensure a pleasant experience for all participants of the session.