March 6, 2016

EYP UK and EYP Ireland jointly hosting a historic 81st International Session of the EYP in Belfast and Dublin

The 81st International Session of the European Youth Parliament started today, 6th of March 2016, with a full day of Teambuilding at Queen’s University Belfast. Our first flagship international session of 2016 is a joint project of EYP United Kingdom and EYP Ireland, bringing together almost 300 young people from 33 countries in two cities and countries. The event is supported by the Schwarzkopf Foundation as the EYP’s international umbrella organisation.

Following Teambuilding, the 15 international committees will be discussing some of the most topical European issues at St. Mary’s University College in Belfast before moving to Dublin on Wednesday 9th of March. Once in Dublin, the participants will take part in a Euroconcert in Christ Church Cathedral and finish the event with two days of General Assembly at University College Dublin.

Through following the session theme “Crossing Borders, Transcending Conflict” and incorporating the divided history of the host countries, the aim of the international session is to recognise the past and apply lessons learned to moving towards a more peaceful future. Through seeing two cities of these independent states, participants will have the opportunity to not only address past and present conflicts in their Committee topics but will feel the impact of this debated unrest and by literally crossing a border, the delegates will gain insights into both sides of the conflict.

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