July 24, 2020

70 young people discuss the future of our continent, environment and cities with decision-makers

The first Digital Energy Forum of the EYP took place this July with more than 70 young people from 29 countries. They discussed energy efficiency, carbon-neutrality, energy access for all and renewables in working groups and came up with proposals to deal with these issues, striving for a sustainable future. The event was part of our prestigious Power Shifts project in partnership with the innogy Foundation.

Participant Malou (15) from France says: “It’s important for young people to be active and EYP is one way to be an active citizen. If there is something that you think can be improved, you have to learn about it and go for it!”

Leading experts like Dr. René Mono, Managing Director of the German 100 Percent Renewable Foundation, gave input and answered questions in a panel discussion. Prof. Stefan Bouzarovski, Chair of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory and Associate at Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy: “Energy is not only about technical infrastructures, it’s about how we organise and lead our lives and societies.”

And because young people are the decision-makers of tomorrow, the ones who will organise our societies, it is crucial to organise events like this to share knowledge and get them active. To empower them to do so, there was an engaging Q&A with Members of the European Parliament Kim van Sparrentak and Rasmus Andresen, proving that you can be young and make a real difference. These are some of the questions that were asked!

Former EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc, who was also a celebrated speaker at our International Session in Rotterdam in 2018, encourages young people to co-create the future and emphasized that she is there to support them.

With a brand new concept of a Youth Activism Lab, the forum also functioned as a platform to get inspiration and brainstorm ideas, followed by a module to go from theory to activism! To hit it off, there were supporting guest speakers such as Adélaïde Charlier, activist from Youth for Climate Belgium, and Meredith Adler, Executive Director of Student Energy.

Want to know more? You can find participants’ views on Europe’s future here and a resolution booklet here.