March 31, 2017

EYP turns 30 – and will celebrate the anniversary throughout the year 2017

For many, the 30-year milestone means reaching a mature age, and that is also true for the European Youth Parliament network. As lively as ever, the network engages more than 35,000 young people in 40 European countries on a yearly basis, making its events and forums a hub for meeting young, passionate people and forming friendships across borders – as well as acquiring skills related to cultural awareness, self-assessment, and shaping actively society around them.

The 30th birthday will also be an occasion to celebrate volunteering, a growing European network, and young people crossing borders, both physical and mental ones. We will gather memories from past years and highlight experiences from currently active EYPers in an online campaign. A summer celebration at the 85th International Session in the city of Brno will form the height of the year-long anniversary celebrations. Find out more about what is planned for this year!