International, regional and national sessions are at the core of the EYP’s non-formal educational activities, and consist of events that bring together over 30,000 young people every year. A welcoming environment and experience-based methodology offer participants a safe space to develop and express their opinions, build intercultural understanding and develop democratic citizenship skills.

EYP sessions vary in length from 2 hours to 10 days. Debates cover a wide range of topics – often related to international politics or human rights, but also including fields such as climate change, health and energy. Guided by peer moderators, young people take part in a series of activities.


Team Building

Experience-based methodology is used for outdoor and indoor games and activities. International working groups are formed and ground rules are set for cooperation.

Committee Work

Participants convene in international working groups and discuss current European topics, with the aim of proposing solutions in the form of written resolutions.

General Assembly

All committees come together to debate their proposed resolutions during the General Assembly, following standard parliamentary procedures.

Cultural Programme

Throughout a session, a cultural programme gives the participants opportunities to get acquainted with each other’s cultures and traditions.