Open Forum for Youth


The European Youth Parliament provides a forum for young people to develop and express their opinions on political and societal topics in an open and welcoming environment. Participants of the EYP’s events debate and jointly suggest solutions to a wide range of current challenges, often related to international politics, human rights, but also including fields such as climate change, health, and energy. Getting together in a spirit of mutual respect and constructive dialogue, young people present an inspiring example of how the complex challenges of today’s world can be addressed through peaceful collaboration across national boundaries. During EYP events, we also foster dialogue between young people and leading figures from the world of politics, economy, civil society and culture.




International, regional and national sessions are at the core of the EYP’s non-formal educational activities, and consist of events that bring together over 30,000 young people every year. A welcoming environment and experience-based methodology offer participants a safe space to develop and express their opinions, build intercultural understanding and develop democratic citizenship skills.

Power Shifts

Power Shifts

“Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy” project encourages young people from across Europe to explore and discuss European energy policy. By taking part in the project’s activities, participants learn ways of engaging and fostering the debate on energy in their communities, from a local up to the European level.

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Dialogue with Decision-Makers

During EYP events, we create spaces for dialogue between young people and leading figures from the worlds of politics, economy, civil society and culture. We give our participants a chance to gain in-depth insights and make their voices heard.