A Network of Changemakers


The European Youth Parliament provides young people with a transformative, holistic learning experience. The bulk of its activities are driven by young people – and the organisation itself is also jointly shaped by members, both on international and national levels. Various trainings and opportunities for exchange enable participants to hone a diverse set of skills, which they can then put to use in their work for EYP activities, and go on use beyond the EYP. For EYP alumni, the EYP spirit never stops: when they go on to pursue a wide range of activities and careers, they often become changemakers – taking initiative and positively shaping the world around them.

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Youth-led Organisation

The EYP is run by young people, for young people. It’s the members of the organisation who jointly steer and shape the future of the programme. The EYP is much more than the sum of EYP events that take place every year – it’s a vibrant network of people and member organisations across Europe.

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Strengthening the EYP Network (STEN)

In order for the ever-growing European Youth Parliament network to be sustainable, we strive to foster a fruitful exchange of ideas between members of the organisation. That is why we have established a project called STEN – “Strengthening the EYP Network”. STEN is financed by the EU programme “Erasmus+”, and is funded for the Key Action 2 framework for 2018-2020.


Network across Generations

More than 200,000 young people have taken part in the activities of the European Youth Parliament since 1987. Now, most are experienced professionals from all sectors of society, often playing an active part in democratic life in their communities. We are proud to provide a platform for cross-generational experience exchange and knowledge sharing as part of the EYP network.