Meet the People Behind Riga – the 96th International Session of the EYP, organised by EYP Latvia

We are very happy to introduce to you the Head Organisers, the President, and the Editors of our Summer 2022 flagship event taking place in Riga! Dorothea, Vanda, Katarina, Dana, and Mazen have shared with some words on what this session means to them and some of the key focus points they will structure their teams around.

Being part of Riga 2022 is an exiting challenge and a rewarding last engagement for me in EYP. Since it is one of the first large-scale events where we once again get to meet in person, Riga is the perfect opportunity to blend traditional EYP with EYP 2.0, its Gen Z cousin, who is defined by online events, digitalisation and immense amounts of creativity. Through the past two years we have seen that while it has not been easy, EYP had and has the ability to adapt and it is crucial that we take these developments into the in-person sessions and use them as an asset. I am so grateful to be working with a diverse team of Chairpersons who combine experience with traditional EYP and in-person events with experience in digital sessions and innovative tools. I am looking toward summer with great excitement and am looking forward to experiencing one last event where we will aim to combine the best of both EYPs.
Dorothea Weber (DE), the President of the Session


The EYP has been our creative space for well over half a decade now - a place where we get to work on our ideas and shape them into reality. It represents a playground for bright, young, creative minds and it would be a shame not to explore every nook and cranny of the creative sandbox. Any grain of sand can build a great sandcastle, but first you need to know why and how you should build it.By being given full creative freedom and a team of eager young minds – it does not take a lot, only a bit of focus, a dash of creativity, loads of knowledge and idea-sharing, and of course utter devotion to doing something major for our last hoorah at the organisation that helped shape us into the adults we are today.
Katarina Stefanović (RS) & Vanda Petrak (HR), the Editors of the Session


Dear network and participants of Riga 2022. A couple years ago when we first sat down to write the bid to host the international session in Riga, we were thinking that every EYPer reaches a point in their life when they feel like they have taken everything they could from this organisation and are ready for that 'one last event'. For us it would mean to leave a mark in the organisation and inspire others to take this legacy further and develop the next generations. If you were to ask us, we think that constantly learning and sharing our knowledge is what makes EYP this great place for thousands of young Europeans every year. We as the organising team of Riga 2022 want to make sure that this International Session will be that special place, the networking hub that will connect the shapers of future Europe and encourage them to facilitate change by always having a helping hand or a shoulder to rely on.
Dana Skrupska (LT) & Mazen Zibara (LT), the Head Organisers of the Session