Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces in Eastern Partnership Countries

The  “Building a strong European Society” (BASES) project is continuing in 2021 under a new name “Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces”.  

During 2015-2020 over 5,000 young people from the target countries have participated in activities supported by the German Foreign Office. They have contributed to a pluralistic, democratic society, fostering peaceful collaboration across Europe. We want to continue our efforts to build prosperous, democratic communities, by activating all the participants of the programme and equipping them with knowledge and further skills. 

The European Youth Parliament in cooperation with EYP National Committees in countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as Russia) and Germany will organise numerous parliamentary events and training initiatives.  

The project aims to expand Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries (read more about the context here) and Russia in the frame of the Civil Society Cooperation Programme supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. 

At least 1000 young people will be able to join and directly benefit from the project. It will facilitate multilateral youth exchanges in target countries, build the resilience of youth activists and enable young people with fewer opportunities to travel.  


The project aims to enable and empower more democratic, inclusive, and engaged societies by bringing young people together to exchange opinions while providing safe spaces for these meaningful encounters. 

The main goals of the project are to: 

Build resilience of National Committees by creating a safe space for peer-to-peer exchange on best practices.

Highlight the practical application of values in active citizenship and volunteers engaged also through measurement of impact using the new Impact Framework Foundation.

Foster a dialogue on values and understanding through intercultural exchange and mobility.

As a result, a connected network of the next generation of diverse young leaders in Eastern Europe will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to shape the society around them positively. 



EYP’s National Committees will develop a variety of formats focused on regional needs and trends, and will involve young people from diverse educational and social backgrounds.  During 2021, these will take place at the international, national and regional level in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Germany. The activities will take a hybrid format: some parts of the project will be digital-only, some will be in-person, and some will combine the two, allowing for young people to meet in person and also connect through online means to another youth group meeting in a different country or city.



Local Events

  • 23 – 27 June: National Selection Conference of
    EYP Armenia in Yerevan
  • 22 – 26 September: National Selection Conference of
    EYP Belarus in Kyiv
  • 19 – 23 November: National Selection Conference of
    EYP Georgia in Batumi
  • November: City Session of EYP Azerbaijan in Ganja


  • 15 – 17 May: EYP Georgia – Digital Fundraising Lab
  • 12 – 15 August: EYP Ukraine – Summer Training Camp in Odessa 
  • 20 – 21 August: EYP Russia – Capacity Building event in Kazan 
  • 9 – 12 September: EYP Germany and EYP Georgia –
    Summer Academy Hubs in Georgia, Germany and online
  • 4 – 10 October: EYP Azerbaijan – Training for EYP Trainers  

Alumni Events

  • March – July: Alumni Talks 
  • April – September: Mentoring programme 
  • May – June: Alumni Talks in the framework of the Mentoring programme  
  • 12 – 13 June: Digital Alumni Reunion 
  • September – December: Digital & local Alumni meetings (TBC)

The Alumni or the European Youth Parliament programme are at the forefront of political developments in their countries: some are members of national Parliaments, some are leading local NGOs or reporting for news outlets, some are organising civic movements.  

This project will connect the senior Alumni with younger participants, enabling them to learn from different experiences. Through a series of digital talks, in-person networking conference and a 6-month mentorship programme, we will facilitate new connections between generations of young activists from various Eastern countries to promote pluralism and facilitate knowledge exchange. 


Travel Grants

Through the project, we will enable at least one hundred young people with fewer opportunities to travel regionally and internationally to experience intercultural exchange.  


Understanding Europe Online Courses

Understanding Europe crash courses will promote knowledge and encourage young people to speak up and speak out on their issues.


The partners of the project are working collaboratively on the activities described. They have met for a Common Strategy Meeting on the 21st of June to get to know each other, share expectations and exchange needs. The partners are aligning their activities with the EYP Strategy 2021-2025 by choosing at least 3 objectives to focus on and making them more applicable with specific goals during the project. All partners will meet in January 2022 to evaluate the achieved impact and the common goals set in the beginning of the project.  

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