What is the Circle of Friends?

The EYP Circle of Friends is a community of EYP Alumni actively supporting the EYP’s mission and values. With the EYP Circle of Friends, our aim is to establish a permanent circle of EYP supporters consisting of people that have influenced and/or supported the EYP from the very first International Session in 1987, to the current day. You can find more information about the Circle of Friends here.

All those that want to support the EYP are invited to join EYP’s Circle of Friends.

EYP needs your support

The network’s activities and the International Office are entirely reliant on fundraising, resulting in a lot of time and energy spent securing the funds to run and support the network. We need your help to continue making this possible. Your financial contribution as a member of the EYP Circle of Friends will help EYP fulfil its mission to inspire and empower young people from across Europe to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens by ensuring a stable support to the organisation. Your contribution will provide undesignated financial support to be used by the International Office of EYP to cover key supporting areas: activities that are critical to the continued sustainability of the organisation, but not covered by other funding sources and often forgotten.

Your contribution will have an impact on:

The long-term financial stability of the EYP, by securing capacities for the International Office to support active volunteers and EYP’s National Committees

The diversity of the EYP participants by providing travel grants and participation fees deduction to participants from low-socio-economic backgrounds

A strong alumni network with a significant impact on society

This is how your contribution can help:

Who are members of the EYP Circle of Friends?

Simen Ådnøy Ellingsen, Tigrab Bazarchyan, Enno Berner, Constantin Bosinceanu, Irene Di Vilio, Jakob Etzel, Korbinian Franken, Peter Goldsborough, Nina Hafner-Thomic, Mariia Heiß, Martin Hoffmann, Ripa Hovsepyan, Maria Manolescu, Jari Marjelund, Stefan Mattner, Hamed Mobasser, Steven Moschidis, Niall Murphy, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Francis Parisis, Lorenzo Parulli, Milan Petit, Marcus Pollard, Tapio Schrey,  Nataliia Senatorova, Ardi Shita, J. Staben, Christopher Tripp, Barbara Vanhauter, Ilyana Yasko, Olena Yermakova, and many others.

How to join?

All those that want to support the EYP are invited to join EYP’s Circle of Friends. The only condition for joining the EYP’s Circle of Friends is providing EYP with a yearly donation, starting from 80€ per year without an upper limit. The average member currently contributes 140€ annually – less than €15 a month. After you fill out the application form, we will send you information on the next steps.

As a member of EYP Circle of Friends you will be able to: stay in touch with the organisation and connect with EYP Alumni; attend EYP Alumni Reunions without paying the participation fee; receive an invitation to visit one of the International Sessions per year and witness the organisation’s development.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at alumni@eyp.org.

Prefer a single donation?

Should you want to donate only one time, you can do so by transferring to the following bank account:

Name: Schwarzkopf-Stiftung

IBAN: DE13 2004 0000 0822 9619 00


In the reference of your payment, please mention that it is a one-time donation meant for the EYP programme.