STEN – Strengthening the EYP network

In order for the ever-growing European Youth Parliament network to be sustainable, we need knowledge, resources and fruitful exchange of ideas. That is why we run the STERN – Strengthening the EYP network project. It is financed by the EU programme “Erasmus+” as part of the KA2 framework, 2018-2020.

Watch the video to find out more about the project.

What we aim for

  • Fostering the stability and continuity of core organisational activities among all partners.
  • Strengthening leadership and management capacities across the partner organisations.
  • Supporting inclusion practices and diversity competence.
  • Reviewing and strengthen quality management activities.
  • Fostering knowledge sharing and the exchange of good practices among all partners.

What we do

The activities of the projects are grouped in four distinct pillars: Organisational Management, Strategy, Inclusion and Diversity, and Quality Management. The project will be steered by a working group, whose main goal is to effectively disseminate the knowledge created via the exchanges in each of the pillars.

  • Presidents Meeting 2018, Berlin, Oct 2018
  • Transnational Meeting 2018, Berlin, Oct 2019

Our partners

  • EYP National Committees
    • EYP Austria
    • EYP Czech Republic
    • EYP Finland
    • EYP Germany
    • EYP Greece
    • EYP Lithuania
    • EYP Luxembourg
    • EYP Poland
    • EYP Portugal
    • EYP Sweden
    • EYP Turkey
  • Steering group members
    • Janis Fifka
    • Jesper Thunström
    • Joseff Reed
    • Elena Tadić
    • Julius Lajtha


For any questions regarding STEN project, reach out to Valeriya Boyko, v.boyko[at]