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    Germany, Heidelberg (9-16 August, 2017). The last international forum will be organised by EYP Germany from 9th to 16th of August 2017. Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, lord mayor of the city of Heidelberg accepted the session patronship.


 Panel Discussion, Berlin (24.11.2015)

Topic: “Digitisation of the Energy Sector – The beginning of a ‘Brave New World‘?
Time and place: 24.11.2015 6pm, Conference Room Schwarzkopf Foundation

The guests gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the digitalisation of the energy sector just a few days before the UN Climate Change Conference COP21 in Paris. Dr. Martin von Broock pointed to questions about sharing responsibility. Responsibilities need to be redefined in the era of mass collection of data, because the speed at which innovations are taking place in the industry is leaving politics far behind. The focus of Martin Wendiggensen was on the potential of Smart Homes. Modern measuring and controlling possibilities that are now available for private energy consumption enable an efficient and ecological use of energy at home. Dirk Homuth warned about the differences between Germany and the neighbouring countries. He criticised the unwillingness of Germany to invest in digitalisation and referred to the club of Rome: “It is basically already three before midnight”. The discussion at the Schwarzkopf Foundation raised a lot of controversy, but there was one thing every participant agreed on: It is not a question of whether the energy sector will be digitalised, but rather how this will happen.

Our guests on the panel were

Dr. Martin von Broock, Wittenberg-Zentrum für Globale Ethik,
Dirk Homuth, Innovation RWE AG,
Martin Wendiggensen, participant of the International Youth Summit J7 in Berlin
Lea Schiewer (Moderation), European Youth Parliament Germany