For Young People

Come join us in the European Youth Parliament!

We are a vibrant network of thousands of young people from all over Europe, and we welcome you to be part of it.

The EYP is right for you if you…

  • Are young
  • Currently live in Europe (not just the EU)
  • Are open-minded and curious to discover alternative views, experience other cultures and meet new people
  • Have an interest in issues that affect the society we live in
  • Like to discuss current topics with young people from other countries
  • Appreciate the value of fun

There is a wide range of possibilities to get active in EYP. The easiest way to get involved is to contact the EYP National Committee in your country. To find out where EYP is active in your area, check out the EYP Network Map.

What others have to say on EYP:

“The most amazing experience a teenager can ever have at this point of his/her life.” – Delegate, 17, Greece

“I’ve learned more in 10 days of EYP than in 15 years of school.” – Delegate, 18, Italy

“An invaluable education, an unforgettable journey, and an incredible experience.” – Delegate, 17, Ireland

“Rediscovering Europe as a whole and the European in me.” – Delegate, 16, Cyprus

“An expression of intercultural diversity, formal political issues and a general fun experience, that raises awareness and furthermore bonds pleasure and business, which is highly appreciated by the delegates.” – Delegate, 17, Switzerland