The Health Summit of the EYP consists of a series of digital events intended to present our health policy recommendations paper and get experts’ and decision makers’ perspectives on how young people see the future of health in Europe and how young people’s ideas and voices can be amplified in the public discourse.

The programme of the Health Summit included the following events:


28th October 2020, 16.00-17.00

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is presenting a policy recommendation paper on health. 1000 young participants from all across Europe have jointly produced the paper, titled “Young European takes on Healthy lives and well-being for all”, in which they demand greater solidarity and cooperation to achieve equity in access to healthcare.

In this event, young participants will present the paper “Young European takes on Healthy lives and well-being for all” and exchange ways in which young people can contribute to the public discourse on the future of Europe, in healthcare and beyond.

  • Video statement by Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health of Germany
  • Keynote by Joe Elborn, Secretary General of the European Youth Forum
  • Introductory remarks by Richard Hartlaub, Policy Advisor at the Wellcome Trust (main partner of the health project)
  • Presentation of the paper conclusions by Marek Navratil, moderator of the Think Tank

Slides presented at the launch event.

Health Care Innovations

29th October 2020, 11.40-13.00

The COVID-19 pandemic has offered an opportunity to rethink what role eHealth and digital health innovations should play in future healthcare models. What is the path to safe, effective, and patient-centred health services that advance universal health coverage? How can the challenges of data protection and limited interoperability across Europe be overcome?

In this event, we will present young Europeans’ takes on the future of innovation in healthcare systems, and their vision for a transformed Europe that champions research and innovation in cross-border care.

  • Keynote by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
  • Panel with Simona Guagliardo, European Policy Centre, and Hugo Dürr, member of the Think Tank

Slides presented at the innovations event.

Health Governance

30th October 2020, 16.00-17.00

From inadequate pandemic preparedness strategies to a collapse of international cooperation, European and global systems have struggled to cope with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organisation has seen shrinking resources limit its scope for action and leadership, raising questions about the effectiveness of international health governance structures. How can supranational institutions achieve sufficient credibility, legitimacy, authority, and accountability for effective leadership? How can the EU unify to develop a common vision for global health, and what should the priorities be.

In this event, we will present young Europeans’ takes on the future of health governance, with particular focus on internal EU cooperation as well as its relationship to the World Health Organisation.

  • Panel with Dr Beth Thompson, Head of UK and EU Policy at the Wellcome Trust, and Prof Stefan Elbe, Director of the Centre of Global Health at the University of Sussex
  • Presentation of the paper recommendations by Christopher van der Linden, member of the Think Tank
  • Moderated by Peter McManus, member of the Think Tank

Slides presented at the governance event.

Roma and Health Inequities

24th November 2020, 16.00-17.30

Roma populations, similar to other minority and vulnerable groups, experience multiple barriers to accessing healthcare, from financial constraints to communication or mobility issues. However, more critically, barriers stemming from social exclusion and extensive discrimination prevent the Roma populations from getting the care they need, while constituting major social determinants of Roma health status.

In this event, we will explore the link between discrimination and the barriers to health faced by Roma populations and specific strategies to ensure equitable access for Roma. We will be joined by activists in the field to further understand how youth activism can play a part in reducing stigmatisation and discrimination and achieving greater inclusion of young Roma.

  • Panel with Maria Atanasova (Young European of the Year) and Anna Daróczi (Phiren Amenca)
  • Moderated by Andrea Orza, member of the Think Tank

Slides presented by Phiren Amenca.

You can find more resources and background information here.

You will find the recording here once available.

The Health project of the European Youth Parliament is supported by the Wellcome Trust and EIT Health.