EYP turns 35 – and will celebrate its work and volunteers throughout 2022

A long-lasting pandemic and the outbreak of war in Ukraine have dealt serious challenges to the values that have anchored the European project since 1945 – peace, prosperity and solidarity. In this environment, the EYP is more needed than ever.

Our network engages more than 35,000 young people in its activities annually (2019), making its events and forums a hub for intercultural understanding, active citizenship, and cross-border friendships – as well as acquiring skills related to political education, self-assessment, and actively shaping society around them.

Our 35th anniversary will be an occasion to celebrate volunteering, the EYP’s journey of becoming one of the largest and enduring European youth networks, and the paramount importance of creating a peaceful, safe and united Europe.

Our planned activities:

EYP 35 Celebration

A series of celebration events will take place, in Berlin from Friday, 24th – Sunday, 26th of June. This will be the peak of the year-long anniversary celebrations, with active EYPers and Alumni joining together to celebrate our anniversary. Activities will range from networking opportunities, a city excursion, brunch get-togethers, and a gala evening on Saturday!

  • Peaceful Talks – A peaceful European society and the impact of youth”, on Saturday, June 25th,11:45 – 13:00 CEST. Register here to join digitally!
  • On June 25th, Saturday, 19:00 CEST, we will be streaming the EYP35 anniversary Euroconcert from our event in Berlin! Keep an eye out for the #EYP Facebook page.

Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign, “35 years of memories”, meant to highlight the testimonies of those who fuelled the EYP’s energy for decades: our active members and our Alumni.


Participate through this link!

EYP 35  Projects

Opportunities for network volunteer teams to engage with the anniversary and EYP’s past. This includes a competition for producing projects related to EYP’s history, the chance to be featured in EYP’s social media, and sharing any other ideas you also have.


See how you can participate!

History Book

The launch of the EYP History Book, titled “A Tale of Young Europe – The story of the European Youth Parliament (the years 1987 to 2022)” after a 2-year volunteer-run process. Stay tuned for more details!

EYP 35 Events

Other events and initiatives, digital or in-person, that we will be happy to communicate to you soon!

We are excited for you to join us in celebrating the EYP and our volunteers!