EYP Summer Academy 2017

 The EYP Summer Academy is an international training event gathering representatives from all 40 EYP member countries aiming to support their work in their National Committees by providing training modules for their board members. The next EYP Summer Academy is taking place between the 7th and 10th of September in Porto, Portugal. The event is supported by the Stiftung Mercator.


Aim & Objectives

Its main objective is to support board members of National Committees in running their NC’s:

  • through training courses ran by experienced EYP’ers, EYP alumni and external trainers;
  • by focussing on the following areas National Committee Management and Development, Fundraising, PR & Communication and Outreach & Inclusion as major tracks;
  • by providing a modular programme under the above mentioned tracks and allowing participants to follow or switch between these streams;
  • by actively enabling knowledge sharing through providing appropriate spaces and inviting experienced board members to share their insight throughout the training schedule ;
  • by inviting external trainers to share their knowledge from other organisations;
  • by developing materials and guides that can be used for national training events and board meetings in every National Committee;


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The training event concept

The Summer Academy is aiming to bring together 80 trainees from 40 National Committees, supported by a team of 12 trainers and 6 organisers and representatives of the International Office/Governing Body. Next to the two Meetings of the Board of National Committees, the Summer Academy is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and get further input on how to improve the work of your NC.

The core of the EYP Summer Academy is a modular programme following different “tracks”. These tracks are Fundraising, Outreach and Inclusion, National Committee Management and Development and PR and Communication. Each track will include different modules, and participants will be able to follow a track through the whole training event or switch between the training modules of different tracks. The four major tracks will be accompanied by a fifth track, giving room for basic and advanced modules of the same training module, for training content that doesn’t fit under the five major tracks as well as for topic-related and regional knowledge sharing spaces for National Committees.

The content of the different tracks will be based on the needs analysis conducted with the National Committees before the Summer Academy in order to reflect their needs, as well as on the input received from the participants. Both basic and more advanced training modules will be offered in the different tracks. Every training course will include a maximum number of 16 trainees. The trainees registered by the National Committees select their individual schedule beforehand in order to have the chance to prepare for the training.

Here is for example a draft schedule for one day:


 Target Groups

The target group of the EYP Summer Academy are board members from our 40 National Committees, both new and experienced board members. New board members can profit from the experiences of their fellow EYPers and get new insight into the different EYP related fields the training is focused on. Experienced board members get the chance to profit personally from advanced training courses and the input of external trainers, and gain additional training experience by running knowledge sharing groups. Especially the latter are therefore a valuable asset not just as trainees, but also as trainers.

In case a National Committee is not able to send any board members, it is possible to register coordinators or other active members who are closely working with the board and will be involved in the NC for the upcoming year after the Summer Academy. If a National Committee is not able to nominate either boards members or other active members, their spots will be reallocated to the pool and given to National Committees where additional board members are interested to join the training.


 Trainers Team

The trainers team of the EYP Summer Academy consists of:

  • one coordinating lead trainer supervising the training schedule and coordinating with the lead trainers of the different stream. The main focus of this person is the coordination and the supervision of trainers and training materials, but they might also facilitate some training modules
  • a team of four lead trainers for the four different streams developing and supervising the training schedule for their respective area and facilitating them together with the additional trainers
  • an additional team of seven trainers, including 2-3 external trainers facilitating different training modules in all five streams

The trainers team will be supported by a Head Organiser for the practical arrangements and International Office representatives helping with the organisation of the event.

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