European Organiser Team For The First International Forum In Lyon Selected, 2 May 2015

We are glad to announce that a very European Organisers’ Team of the Lyon ’15 Academic Power Shifts Forum has been selected. The team is excited to start their work in different portfolios and will meet for the first meeting at the end of May in Lyon. Follow the session on Facebook at

Elise Buis (FR) – Head Organiser
Sacha Magnani (FR) – Head Organiser

Christopher Nölte (DE) – Delegates’ Support
Giulia Bandera (IT) – Officials’ Support (Chairs Team)
Jorinde Bauer (DE) – Officials’ Support (Media Team)
Audrey Navarro (FR) – Non-Financial Sponsoring
Ioanna Bagia (LU) – Non-Financial Sponsoring
Lisa Lacroix (FR) – Financial Sponsoring
Alice Féray (FR) – Financial Sponsoring
Benjamin Biernet (FR) – Merchandising
Agata Korzeniewska (PL) – Cultural & Evening Programme
Emilie Lutz (FR) – Venues
Anil Kabal (BE) – Logistics & Transport
Martha Fély (FR) – Logistics & Transport
Lou Belbèze (FR) – Infrastructure
Jules Bonnet (FR) – Experts & Academics
Nicolas Falzon (FR/UK) – Press