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Head Organisers’ Summit in Berlin

The Head Organisers of the upcoming International Sessions in Izmir, Tampere, Leipzig, Dublin-Belfast and Rennes gathered at the International Office in Berlin 23-25 January 2015 for a training and knowledge exchange.

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President for the International Session in Izmir selected

Oğulcan Torun has been selected as President of İzmir 2015, the 78th International Session of the European Youth Parliament. He produced an excellent application clearly displaying his strength of character, zeal and ability to preside a session of such magnitude.

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Dublin and Belfast to host the 81st International Session

We are excited to be announcing that the 81st International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) will be taking place in Belfast AND Dublin!

In spring 2016 we will be going to both cities and both countries, for an International Session co-hosted by European Youth Parliament United Kingdom and European Youth Parliament Ireland!

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