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Who runs the EYP network? Part 1: A closer look into the work of the Board of National Committees (BNC)

Group BNC Meeting

Across 40 countries, young people are the ones who plan and implement all activities within the European Youth Parliament network. On a national level, the network is represented by so called National Committees (NCs). The National Committees send representatives to the biannual meeting of all NCs – the Board of National Committees (BNC). The BNC is chaired by an elected board which was just announced. But who are the three people leading the work of the BNC now?

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What role does education play in the European Youth Parliament?

Participant Explaining

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is one of the largest European programmes dedicated to non-formal political education of young Europeans. But what role does education play within our network and what does non-formal political education mean in practice?

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What roles do participants take at a session?

Smiling participants

The European Youth Parliament’s (EYP) main event format is called “sessions” where young people from all over Europe get together. All of the networks’ sessions are run by volunteers who take up different roles during the event. What does such a role entail and what main responsibilities come with them?

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