Bringing health issues into the spotlight – partnership with the Wellcome Trust

Amidst all the challenges, there are several good news for EYP in 2020; this year we are launching a new cooperation with the Wellcome Trust.

The UK-based Wellcome Trust – a politically and financially independent foundation – exists to improve health by helping great ideas to thrive. As one of Europe’s largest funding institutions for health research, Wellcome supports researchers to take on big health challenges, campaigns for better science, and helps a larger public get involved with science and health research. You can read more at:

For the Richard Hartlaub at the Wellcome Trust, “the new cooperation between the European Youth Parliament and the Wellcome Trust is a great opportunity for both organisations and could hardly come at a better time. While COVID-19 is disrupting the fabric of society almost everywhere on the world, it presents us with a remarkable opportunity to rethink many fundamental assumptions – about the future of work, what Europe should look like, how we can make sure that global health efforts actually benefit everyone, around the world.”

Richard Hartlaub, Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Wellcome Trust. The European Youth Parliament has partnered with the Wellcome Trust to address health-related topics at events.

Therefore, in the framework of this partnership we will be featuring health-related topics at sessions, including through digital formats, and will be covering different aspects of the SDG 3: Epidemics and Infectious Diseases, Mental Health, Access to Medicines, and Needs-Driven Innovation, as well as the timely topic of Climate Change and Health.

The project will include decentralised discussions among EYPers, panel debates and consultations including policy-makers and experts, and will culminate in a larger health-focused forum in Berlin, where all these positions will be brought together. This event will provide an opportunity for EYPers to connect with activists from the field and thus introduce them to ways to remain actively involved with the topic beyond their attendance. Ultimately, the forum will also be a space for EYPers to share their opinions on health topics with decision-makers, bringing young opinions and participation to the forefront of health policy advocacy.

Echoing Hartlaub, “it is vital that young people’s voices be heard when these questions are discussed and decided. EYP is uniquely placed to bring together and amplify the voices of young people across Europe and make sure they will not easily be ignored”; the EYP will continue to work towards this shared goal of making young people’s voices an essential part of political decision-making.

We are kicking off the partnership at our upcoming digital session, addressing, among others, the timely topic of the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact this crisis will have in developing countries.