Mobility Fund


Today more than ever, we need committed and skilled young people to help build the Europe of tomorrow. This is where you as a Member of Parliament can make a real difference! Show your solidarity and sponsor the travels of young Europeans from your country enabling them to experience European values, diversity and democracy hands on 


The European Youth Parliament (EYP) has been one of the biggest European youth platforms for more than 30 years. Annually, a total of 1.500 days of EYP activities, all organised and facilitated by young volunteers, bring together 30.000 participants between the ages of 16 to 28 from more than 40 countries different countries to debate pressing issues of our time. 

In a survey among our participants, more than half of our respondents stated that their financial situation negatively affect their ability to participate in our events. With your support as their counterparts in the European Parliament, we are setting up a mobility fund. Its purpose is to ensure that all young people have equal opportunities to travel to events of the European Youth Parliament, regardless of their social background. As a travel sponsor, you will receive personal feedback on the young delegates’ experiences. 


“With the help of these grants, I can really be engaged, be involved in civic activism and to be a real European citizen.”


Aliaksandr Yarashau


“Every small trip changes us somehow.”


Arina Logvina


“It was an amazing opportunity because as a student, who didn’t work, it was hard to find money to go to European countries and to participate in events of such high quality.”


Maryia Fokina


We have set up different options to donate, for example below, via bank transfer or by contacting us.