Partnership Options


Partnership options vary from collaborations around a specific topic at a specific event up to broad partnerships encompassing a range of activities over extended periods of time. We are always open to discuss tailored ways to partner up and achieve great things together, so do not hesitate to contact us. You can find examples of successful partnerships below. For questions related to partnerships, please contact Anya Suprunenko, the EYP Executive Director, at a.suprunenko[at]


Theme-centered, long-term partnership

Theme-centred, comprehensive and long-term partnership involving multiple events and participants from across Europe, featuring expert and guest involvement specific to the topic

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Our “Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy” project, conducted in cooperation with innogy foundation, is a showcase example of this partnership option. This long-term partnership has featured a multitude of theme-focused international EYP events, with hundreds of participants from 40 countries involved discussing topics centred around the future of energy, with insights communicated to the public.


Theme-centered, medium-term partnership

Contributing to topics on a specific theme in a wide range of EYP sessions on various levels, with a broad geographic scope. Optional expert or guest involvement in the programme of events

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Our cooperation with the UNHCR has been a prime example of this partnership model. Themes around migration, refugees, statelessness and asylum have been brought to the forefront of debate in several EYP events, and experts appointed by the partner have provided knowledge to the participants. Project results have been widely communicated to a broad audience.


Topic-centered, high level-event partnership

Generating youth opinions on a specific theme in the context of an International Session of the EYP – integrated with enhanced communication outputs

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Our recent partnership with the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) serves as an example of this partnership option. At this EYP International Session, the topic of financial literacy was addressed by one of the committees – leading up to a statement by 15 young participants from 15 European countries, and later debated by the General Assembly, which included 250 young participants from about 30 European countries. Thanks to these tailored communications efforts, the ideas generated will be communicated in the statement, “Young opinions on Financial Literacy”.


European “Think Thank” – consulting youth on the solutions for tomorrow

Forming a group of “young experts” from across Europe, working on selected topics for a prolonged period of time, generating tailored outputs and entering into dialogue with decision-makers

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In the frame of our partnership with Vodafone Foundation, a group of young ‘experts’ was assembled to share their opinions on the topic of youth unemployment. As a result of the think tank, participants produced a position paper and presented it to EU-level decision-makers. Outcomes were widely disseminated as “Young opinions on Youth Unemployment”. This option can also be shaped into a broader consultation process, which could integrate a larger geographic scope of participants in the preparatory stages. This process could then lead to aggregating participants’ positions and bringing their outputs to decision-makers.

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