Others on EYP

  • barroso_a88“I have noted with interest the work of the European Youth Parliament to promote dialogue and sharpen democratic awareness among young Europeans.”
    Jose Manuel Barroso
    Former President of the European Commission
  • barroso_a88“The European Youth Parliament has been a forum for discussion and reflection for European youth on European policies for more than 20 years. In this way, they contribute to building tomorrow’s Europe. I wish them all continued success.”
    Herman Van Rompuy
    Former President of the European Council
  • “We firmly believe it is important to provide young people with platforms where their voices can be heard. We are therefore proud to support the participation of young (former) stateless persons and refugees in EYP’s International Sessions, where they contribute their own thoughts and ideas to the discussions on current affairs that affect them.”
    Pascale Moreau
    Director, Bureau for Europe, UNHCR
  • jbuzek“The European Youth Parliament offers young people a unique opportunity to voice their opinion on European issues, to take part in a pan-European debate and to strengthen their intercultural skills. I also consider the European Youth Parliament a very important instrument of non-formal education. As you certainly know, enhancing the active participation of young people is an issue which the European Youth Parliament has always strongly supported in its resolutions and other activities. (…) It is a pleasure to see that an organisation to which I granted my permanent patronage is carrying out such an important work so successfully, and I can only encourage you to pursue your activities in the same spirit!”
    Jerzy Buzek
    Former President of the European Parliament
  • ar“The most amazing experience a teenager can ever have at this point of his or her life.” 
    Delegate, 17, Greece
    “I’ve learned more in 10 days of EYP than in 15 years of school.” 
    Delegate, 18, Italy
    “An invaluable education, an unforgettable journey, and an incredible experience.” 
    Delegate, 17, Ireland
    “Rediscovering Europe as a whole and the European in me.” 
    Delegate, 16, Cyprus
  • barroso_a88“I rest convinced that initiatives like the European Youth Parliament are essential to bridge the gaps between our nations and to foster a new generation of true Europeans.”
    Janez Potocnik
    Former European Commissioner for Environment
  • barroso_a88“It is […] important that young people like you work passionately to promote free and peaceful co-existence among young people in Europe, and by doing so not only overcome physical borders, but also break down walls in people´s hearts and minds.”
    Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    President of the Federal Republic of Germany