About Us


The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer educational programme that inspires and empowers young people from across Europe to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens. We provide participants with a forum to develop and express their opinions on a wide range of topics. By bringing young people from different backgrounds together, we build intercultural understanding and friendships across borders. EYP participants and volunteers get equipped with the knowledge and the skills needed to positively shape the world around them. Thousands of young people are actively involved as volunteers all over Europe, making the EYP a genuinely youth-driven programme – run by young people, for young people.

The EYP network is active in 40 countries across Europe

More than 30,000 young people, including 3,500 volunteers, take part in EYP events every year

Over 500 EYP events are organised every year across Europe (at local, national and international levels)

Since 1987, the number of EYP alumni has grown to over 200,000

Our Purpose


a forum for young Europeans to develop and express their own opinions on European political and social issues in an open and welcoming environment


intercultural dialogue and exchange through the sharing of ideas, opinions and practices to bring diverse young Europeans closer together


young Europeans with diverse opportunities for personal and skills development through non-formal and peer-led educational activities


a connected network of the next generation of diverse young leaders in Europe equipped with the knowledge and skills to positively shape the world around them