Training events for EYP Trainers

Trainings for EYP Trainers (T4ET) are an integral element to the development of the organisation, contributing to the development of our active members and ultimately assisting the enhancement of their educational experience, increasing the quality of events and strengthening EYP as a training-based organisation. After five successful T4ETs, this year’s T4ETs will take place in Greece and in Armenia.

T4ET in Greece

The first training will be hosted by EYP Greece and is head-organised by Panagiotis Patikos and Panos Papanagiotou; it will take place in or around Athens (exact venue to be confirmed) between 22 – 27 August 2016 and gather 25 participants to be selected by the trainers’ team following individual applications. The 5 trainers (including one head-trainer) will receive travel reimbursement of min. 150 euros.

T4ET in Armenia

The T4ET in Armenia will take place in Aghveran (40 mins from Yerevan) from 30 September – 5 October 2016. You can check the training venue here. The mountainous town and surrounding beautiful nature make it ideal for the training and offer great potential for creative methods. This event will involve 30 participants and 5 – 7 trainers (including one head-trainer). Participants will be selected by the trainers’ team from a pool of active members nominated by their National Committees. Trainers will receive reimbursement of their travel fees of up to 300 euros. The project is head-organised by Avnik Melikian.

Aims of the training events

The trainings will last 6 days and aim to enable participants from all over Europe to competently and confidently plan, run and evaluate a high quality training course. Participants will:

  • Gain a profound understanding on how groups function;
  • Discover the underlying causational themes of behaviour;
  • Learn advanced group leading techniques (chairing/facilitation);
  • Practice strategic use of teambuilding exercises;
  • Explore how to enable personal growth in one’s team and its individuals;
  • Investigate learning styles and preferences and how to adapt to them;
  • Creatively approach new and existing training and facilitation methods;
  • Practice their leadership, training and chairing competences through self-reflection and feedback from experienced co-participants and trainers.
  • The success of the event is highly dependent on the passion of the trainers involved.

 Call for trainers

Call for applications